Treatment of Skin Diseases

  • Surgical wart removal (verruca)
  • Electrosurgery
  • Reduction of corns and painful callous and the development of a long term management of the lesions
  • Treatment of infections of the skin ( fungal, bacterial and viral)

Treatment of Foot and Ankle Injuries

  • Gait analysis
  • Heel pain ( plantar fasciitis, bursitis, nerve entrapment )
  • Arch pain
  • Sports and work related injuries
  • Joint pain in the ankles, forefoot ( ball of foot)
  • Painful tendons ( tendinitis), ligaments and muscles
  • Custom made corrective orthotics
  • Corticosteroid injections to manage pain and inflammation
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Diabetic Foot Management / High Risk Patients

    • Footcare for high risk patients ( diabetics, rheumatoid arthritics, peripheral vascular disease or poor circulation)
    • Treatment of diabetic wounds and debridement
    • Custom made orthotics to offload wound to help with healing
    • Diabetic foot screen including Ankle brachial index and toe pressure testing and assessment using Doppler ultrasound , sensory and neurological testing

    Custom Made Orthotics

    • orthotics are a prescription device made for shoes
      They are made from a cast of your foot
    • It is used to correct faulty posture and structure that leads to painful inflamed joints, tendons and ligaments
      We use different professional laboratories and types of orthotics depending on your type of foot, health and activity levels
    • They are often covered by private insurance
    • They also are used to offload painful lesions and open wounds in high risk patients such as diabetics

    Footwear Assessment

    Assess your footwear for appropriateness considering you foot structure, activity level, health status and to accommodate prescription orthotics if applicable.

    Children's (Paediatric) Foot Problems

    • Flat feet
    • Warts
    • Ingrown nails
    • Heel pain (e.g. apophysitis)
    • In-toed and out-toed gait
    • Knock knees, bow legs

    Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy

    Shockwave can be a useful adjunct treatment for stubborn heel pain ( plantar fasciitis ) and Achilles tendinitis as well as other problems

    Corticosteroid injections

    Corticosteroid injections can help to reduce inflammation and pain in some applications in the foot like arthritic joints and plantar fasciitis

    Sports injuries

    We can help with sports and running injuries in conjunction with other health professionals including tendon issues, plantar plate tears and sometimes knee issues related to foot posture

    Ankle brachial index and diabetic screen

    We assess blood flow to the toes and ankles to ensure you have adequate circulation as well as check sensation. This is important in diabetics and those with poor circulation with wounds on their feet

    Ankle foot orthotics

    The ankle foot orthotic is used for severely flat feet or those with ankle problems

    Nail disease and pathology

    Treatments of various nail conditions including permanent nail
    Avulsive surgery for ingrown nails and treatment of diseased/ pathological nails

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